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Varied options. Low fees.

The TNStars College Savings 529 Program offers a variety of investment options and low fees. The underlying funds for each of the options are from a range of Fund Companies including Vanguard, DFA, Primecap, Maxim and First Tennessee Bank. The program offers the products at a competitive fee of 35 basis points. Learn more

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Adventure Science Center: Win an Annual Family Membership and a collectible poster!

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What's your game plan?

Coaches need a game plan in order to win games. What's your game plan for saving for college? The TNStars College Savings 529 Program offers a winning combination of investment options and low fees. The TNStars program is also offering a $50 match for the first $50 invested in a new account and a $100 incentive for new accounts that are rolled over from other 529 plans. While participation in the TNStars program is open to anyone, including people living in other states, the incentives are only offered to Tennessee residents.

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